Left to right is guide George Knapp, guide coordinator Ken Durant, TJ Merath, son of Tim, Marco Solt, Vet from Minnesota, Tim Merath Sr. Vet from Mauston, Brian Ball, Brad Rothermel Vet from Georgia, Dave Vogel , guide& board member, Bobby Hardy, guide, Jacob Ishii, Vet from Washington State, Gregg Merath, son of Tim, and of course DUX. Have had a great weekend hunt so far. Tim got a nice doe out of the Napa, American Legion post 210 and VFW Post 6709 blind on the City of Waupun’s retired landfill. Jacob got an awesome spiker out of the Adam Vande Slunt family blind on the Wings Over Wi. Waupun Chapter land. Thank you to all the land owners who have opened up their property to HHV, with out you none of this would be possible!